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KEM Power LLC is now an

authorized service provider for leading international renewable energy Companies. Having undergone comprehensive training in renewable energy theory and practical operations, the company is currently providing renewable energy operation and maintenance services in the United States.

US Rewewable Energy Policies

1.Federal Tax Credits: solar and wind power by providing a 30% tax credit for individuals and businesses. 


2.Federal Subsidies: production tax credits, investment tax credits, tax refunds, and direct subsidies of 1-2 cents per kilowatt-hour.


3.State-Level Support: established solar loan programs to provide financial support to households and businesses.


4.Environmental Regulations:  in the context of oilfield upgrades, an additional 10% subsidy can be obtained by using new energy sources.


Our Company

1.Abundance of Land and Mineral Resources.

2.Familiarity with US Laws, Environmental Regulations, Taxation, and Land Policies.


3.In-house EPC Teams Across US States: The company has its own Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) teams in various US states. 


4.Energy Enterprise with 30 Years of Field Construction and Management Experience.

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